LIZZIE – Lizzie Borden Story – Murderess

“Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks.” Have y’all seen the trailer for Lizzie?  This movie is going to be so good y’all.  This is based on a real life alleged murderess story of Lizzie Borden.  In this movie, the speculation and the facts may surprise you with all of the suspense and the creative, powerful dramatization.

Lizzie stars Chloë Sevigny’s, Kristen Stewart, Fiona Shaw, and Jeff Perry.  Chloe Sevigny’s as Lizzie is accused of killing her relatives in Massachusetts in 1892.  Moreover, Lizzie was a Victorian spinster with a misogynist father and submissive wife.  The life she had to endure and the house rules she had to abide by would make anyone go crazy.  Lizzie will be in Theaters on September 28.

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