Blake Griffin’s Child Support “$250K”

Agreement: Blake Griffin and his ex Brynn Cameron have reached a child support and custody settlement before they were due to to trial; seen in May

When will these players learn to leave these money hungry females alone.  If she doesn’t have substance and is only your preference, then she probably isn’t right for you.  I know you all have probably heard by now about his child support drama with his baby momma, Brynn Cameron.   Money, Money, Money

First, let’s start with a back story on Brynn Cameron.  According to the lawsuit, Griffin made repeated pledges to Cameron, promising to support her after insisting she abandon her sports marketing job and interior design business.  See, this is what happens with these women and men.  They find a the player, have kids then don’t want to sign the prenuptial agreement because for some reason they believe they are entitled to HIS millions and didn’t even play the game.  They do have two kids together and were set to marry last July but when he mentioned prenup to fled like hotcakes. She did mention his ex Kendall Jenner in the lawsuit accusing him of leaving his family for a Jenner romance which is possible. By the way, Brynn played basketball at USC and got pregnant at 19 after breaking up with her former boyfriend, former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart, who is the father of her oldest son.

Word on the curb is that he settled with her before going to court for upward of $250,000 monthly which I doubt but I’m sure it’s in the six figures.  Since January 2018, she claimed her and the kids were homeless and she had to rely on her brother for financial support.  I don’t she’s homeless and I’m sure she’s getting child support from her oldest son’s father.  I guess she got her just do before court and she’s set for life.  When will these players learn and when will these women learn to have a purpose and not depend on men for money.  I digress.

Although the amount Cameron (pictured), 31, is suing for is unclear, no doubt she'll want a chunk of Griffin's fortune, as he signed a $173 million contract in June . The former couple, who had been off and on for the past eight years, called off their wedding last year

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