Steve Harvey and Majorie Style

<p>Boating With Bae</p>

I get in my feelings every time I see these two because they are couple goals and fashion goals.  Steve Harvey has come a long way from the fake hair, wide legged pant suits, being a stand up comedian, and more.  Majorie has really elevated Steve’s fashion game and style because this is a COME UP.  I’m sure it’s a come up for her as well as we don’t know much about her; however, I did read that her kid’s dad is a drug dealer that is still in jail and he was a king pin.  That’s neither here nor there but I’ve always thought it was interesting that we have never heard stories about her past.  Steve did say that she approached him first but also told him that she is serious about dating him and is not up for any games.  I guess he was playing games at the time and later decided that he wanted her and that’s what he got.

<p>Good Vibes And Best Mood</p>

Her fashion is impeccable and she’s always traveling the world with her beau.  I’m just living through them for now cause Lordt help me.  Their blended family is successful and also fashionable but her daughter is supposedly engaged to a soccer player which is questionable because he hasn’t been on her Instagram in a minute.  He also hasn’t been on any vacations with them so I don’t know what’s going on but it’s not my business either. I know y’all wanna see some throwback pics of Steve.

Image result for steve harvey

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