Olivier Rousteing – Balmain’s Creative Director Inspires

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Olivier Rousteing may be a familiar face to some and not so familiar to others but the name Balmain rings a bell I’m sure.  Olivier became creative director at 25 years old and didn’t have a clue what the positioned entailed.  He left for Italy at 18 years old to work hard for Cavalli and can’t say he was overwhelmed but definitely confident. Oliver had other plans as he dropped out of law school and his parents cut him off – money that is.  At one point he danced in the club to pay his rent.  This French born gentleman is well traveled and enjoyed the competition between France and Italy but also wanted to learn Italian culture.  Fashioned helped Olivier discover who he was and so much more.

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Olivier Rousteing takes risks and wants to stay true to himself which he has done.  He transformed Balmain when it entered the digital space on Instagram.  The craftsmanship that is displayed and shared on the social platform continue to suggests that Balmain is couture and exclusive.

We’ve seen custom looks on the OTR2 tour on Beyonce around the world.  Anyone that knows him says he’s the nicest person ever to be in the fashion industry.  All this while he believes in being nice and karma. He continues to transform the industry and call out those that only want to see white models walking in runway shows.  Go follow him on Instagram and check out the latest looks from Balmain.

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