Elli Mai’s Instagram Cover Success

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Elli Mai’s success has given her chills and she’s excited about her upcoming project.  Her mother is a teacher and moved her to the states from the UK when she was young.  Of course with her accent, everyone wanted her to say the word “banana” in grade school because they loved her accent. She got her start doing 15 second covers on Instagram.  She was taking requests from fans and starting doing throwback Thursday covers.  DJ Mustard saw her 2Pac cover, sent her a direct message and she took off from there at 21 years old.  Previously in a girl group, she was now on her own and pursuing her career in school for music.  Her move to New York created her now successful music career working with DJ Mustard.  In 2015, she had a studio session with him and he flew her to L.A. to start her career.

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Elli Mai performed at one show before her first tour which was 72 dates with Kehlani.  She signed to DJ Mustard which produced 3 EP’s and he gives her creative freedom.  Soon we will see a collab with Elli Mai and H.E.R. which will be a classic.  She has the old school R&B vibe that we all need right now because I feel like everything sounds the same.  Success on Instagram will do it y’all.

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