Cardi B. Is Ready For Offset

Cardi B

Who doesn’t love Cardi. B. I mean she’s another one that keeps it real and she’s very humble.  This lady hasn’t forgotten where she came from so much so that she still visits the hood to visit her parents and grandparents.  Cardi said they will not move from the projects – – some folks will never change.  I can admit that I know some folks just like that because they are comfortable.

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Cardi has had the baby, bought a Lamborghini, and now is ready to lick Offset again.  Ok, ok, hold on Cardi B.  You know what they say now about having the first child – it’s easy for the next one.  Slow your role, use protection because we want to see you out here again making music, in the studio and not pregnant in a year.  The fact that she kept her marriage a secret from media is amazing because who knew that she could keep a secret. She is literally a rags to riches story because I got to admit that I was afraid for her once she said she was leaving Love & Hip Hop.  She has been blessed beyond measures and realize her worth.  Go get your blessings Cardi B.

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