Alex Rodriguez “His Beau, Jennifer”

Immature: He admitted that boys 'gotta get our dumbness out of the way'

They are so cute together and I’m happy for the couple.  I have heard so many things about Alex – player, dumb, can’t hold a conversation, etc. Well, he is speaking out and saying that those days are over and he is ready to commit.  Sure, we are rooting for you JLO and we will see how this plays out. He did admit that if they were in their twenties that this would never work and I believe him.  He is so damn cute and fine y’all and don’t forget that his money is long.  Jennifer Lopez has been dating this former baseball player for 18 months and their PDA is all over the media.  Keep smiling Alex cause we are watching you!

Honest: 'To be honest if this happened when we were in our twenties... it would have never happened,' he conceded

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