Welcome Fashion Celeb Guests!

Welcome to the Fashion Celeb House!  This is the house where all the style, culture, fashion, and celebrities live in when they are not out working and so forth.  Ok, really, you all are the house guests and y’all stop by to read about celebrities, fashion, beauty, the latest trends, and so forth.

I’m excited to take you all on this journey in my fashion house where we find the close up photos, the lavish vacations, trends, and current news on all the celebrities.  Who doesn’t want to know what’s going on in front of and behind the doors of these folks.  Some of them are very down to earth and some of them are not so much.  Well, I’ll let you decide based on the photos and information you read.

Since you all are the house guests, y’all decide if y’all like the news by commenting and sharing the news.  You know, just like if you are visiting someone’s house for dinner or vacation.  Make sure you follow all the rules and keep it tidy so that you are welcomed back in the Fashion Celeb House!  This kind of reminds me of the show Big Brother but with folks you really want to see and learn about.

The Fashion Celeb House is on Instagram so be sure to follow us and yes, it’s @fashioncelebhouse of course.  We will be sure to keep the content current and updated daily.  I mean seriously, we love this house and you will too so continue to stop by daily to check out the latest in the house.  Be sure to invite your friends, cousins, sisters, brothers, etc. over to join in.

Fashion always,

FCH – KeyG.

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