Stevie J. and Faith Evans’s Wedding

Ok, I’m really trying to wrap my head around Stevie J and Faith Evans nuptials and chartering a $40M super yacht for their wedding bash.  This is the most out of the world, let me get my thoughts together, say a prayer, thing I have read all week.  I’m not mad at her find love but Stevie J. reportedly doesn’t pay his taxes or child support, has several kids and dates all around the city allegedly. Faith – What are you doing?  Maybe you know exactly what you are doing and maybe you are working on another album or trying to get attention on the last album.

Do over: Faith Evans and new husband Stevie J want to charter a massive $40 million yacht for their wedding after tying the knot in a hotel room last month

So many industry people say Faith Evans is a sweetheart and she deserves the best.  I can’t decide what the best is for her but man oh man. Steve J. is hilarious and is great for television but what about a husband.  We’ll see this play out in the news. Back to this yacht.  This yacht, The Vessel, holds up to 600 people and according to TMZ, they are thinking about filming the show (of course) on Stevie’s show – Leave It To Stevie.  Do y’all really think they are married?  This may be all a publicity stunt and money moves.  He better pay those taxes before he is sitting behind bars.

Doing it right: The couple are eyeing up a  222 ft yacht named The Vessel for their ceremony and love that it can accommodate up to 600 guests. (Image shows a similar yacht)

Officially wed: The couple surprised fans when they married in a Vegas hotel room on July 17

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