It’s too hott!

It’s summer time and the weather is pretty hot so let’s just call it what it is.  Some people like to say ” it’s sunny out”.  No, it’s hot out and y’all need to stop wearing all these clothes like it’s winter time.  This brings me to my next point – if you are pregnant, let your baby get some air.  In other words, let that stomach hang.  Seriously, it’s too hot for all of these clothes.  Y’all are like what is she talking about but you’ll see.

Kat Von D is walking around in this heat like she is in Gotham City or the Adam’s Family with all black on.  Y’all – tights and all in the summer heat. She looks like she is ready to pop and just tired.  Y’all know how it is when you are pregnant and don’t care anymore.  This takes the cake though because all that black is killing me right now.

Back to black: On Tuesday, Kat Von D covered her baby bump beneath an all-black ensemble as she stepped out with friends in West Hollywood

She is having lunch with friends and her friends are probably wondering what is wrong with her.  We know your style but you really do look like you are hurting.  Your outfit is cute though but just not for this time of the year. I want to just strip you of all the black and put a dress on you.  Those tights are literally pass your ankles girl.  What are you hiding down there.  She’s looks tired y’all and she can’t wait to drop that baby. I digress y’all.

Bumping along nicely: The heavily-tattooed beauty is expecting a baby boy later this year with musician beau Leafar Seyer

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