Gigi Hadid steps out with beau Zayn Malik in NYC

Oh Gigi and her beau Zayn Malik are so cute together but I wonder how long that will last.  Y’all know these models don’t stay in relationships long for some reason. They did break up earlier this year but now they are back on and I’ll be watching the clock to see when this will end.  I hope they last longer since they make a cute couple but you never know what goes on behind those doors.

Sleek and chic: The 23-year-old supermodel let her wavy hair tumble freely over her shoulders, slipping into an artfully frayed denim jacket

They dated for 2 years before they announced their split on Twitter.  Why do folks use social media to announce everything?  After they split he got even more tattoos on his neck and chest.  She must have done something to this man and now they are back on.

Stepping out: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were glimpsed together in New York City this Tuesday, bundling into a sleek white Mustang

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