Bey and Jay Z Merchandise

Real deal: Beyonce and Jay-Z obtain restraining order preventing fake merchandise being sold outside concerts

Beyonce and Jay Z said yall will not make money from fake merch during their OTRII. They have a restraining order to prevent this from happening because only the original is necessary.  Who would want fake merch any way, right?  Well, there are several scammers trying their best to rip this couple off and yall know Bey does not play about fake anything. Don’t worry Bey, I got you girl cause I will be purchasing your merch when you come my way.  This couple is worth $1 Billion and their t-shirts start at $40 while the fake unofficial merch is selling for $5 and $10 outside the venues.  Well, the judge granted the order cause ain’t nobody got time for that.

pricey: On The Run II T-shirts start at $40 on the official website

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